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Cultural forms show so much a variety to the visitor that it will be extremely difficult not to be able to meet the most demanding tastes.

As part of a wide cultural development, rooms and galleries, together with museums, both private and public, are erected with a variety of themes including history, archaeology, anthropology, ethnography, science, craftsmanship, fine arts and natural science.

For those who prefer to listen to quality music, an opera and a Spanish light opera seasons are held every year. Reference must be made to the Canary Islands Music Festival, an important event usually held at the beginning of every year and attended by the world’s most outstanding soloists and symphony bands.

The creation and subsequent progress of Tenerife’s Symphony Orchestra is a reason to be proud of. It has been considered by critics as one of the best in Spain. This famed orchestra schedules a regular concert season every year coming to life early in October until the end of May.

Local feasts are an integral part of the citizens’ life showing their folk roots. The “romerías” main character is Tenerife’s folklore, while Corpus Christi and the Holy Week celebrations are purely a religious tradition. However, the most cosmopolitan and popular feasts are Carnivals, where a lot of will and effort are combined for these festivities to become one of the major tourist attractions in the territory.

For Complete cultural information concerning Tenerife and the Canaries visit www.tenerifeculture.com


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